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When there is a popular holiday, we usually engage into a cultural exchange - writing in Hungarian about how the given holiday is celebrated in Ireland and we write an article in English about how people celebrate the mentioned holiday in Hungary. This English article is about Easter traditions in Hungary.

March was not a month of happy celebrations for everyone. While it seemed that the Romanian revolution of 1989 brought together both Romanians and Hungarians, unfortunately the situation changed quickly in Marosvásárhely (Tirgu Mures). At the end of 1989 both Hungarians and Romanians protected priest László Tőkés together and sang the current national anthem of the country (Desteapta-te romane - Wake up, Romanian!) hand in hand. What could be the reason yet for the Romanians’ attack against Hungarians? This post will describe the events and their reasons in March 1990 in a diary format.

While Ireland celebrates its main national holiday, St. Patrick’s day on March 17, Hungarians also remember relevant events on March 15. March 15 is the day when Hungarians wear rose-shape badges of their national flag (kokárda). This custom originates from the French revolution, where people were wearing small strips of the French flag. This post describes what happened on this day in 1848 together with the aftermath of the revolution.

The Irish tricolour turns 170 on March 7th. Inspired by the French revolution, same old as many other European countries tricolour. 11 small facts. Happy birthday!

My two dearest treasures are always on my mind. 8th of March is a day, when we men acknowledge their womanhood. You both and the other fellow women have a great power to change things around the men’s rough world.

I do not think I have to introduce the following person to many people. He has been an old friend of mine and now we work together as well. When I started the webpage of (H)írmorzsák he was the first one to offer help for me. That is how the Morzsa logo, the graphics and the videos were born. We are also working on various interesting projects together which you will see in the near future. The person I am talking about is called József Kukola, or as his friends know him - Dodi.

I would have never thought that within two years I would encounter two cases where parents were appealing for help to save their children suffering in SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy). In summer 2017, one of my former primary school classmates drew my attention to two twin girls who had this genetic disorder. At that time we, Hungarians living in Ireland could contribute to the cost of their medication with a significant amount. I keep following the facebook page of little Aliz and Zoé and it fills my heart with joy to see how they are improving. That is why I thought I would make an appeal again - this time for another beautiful little angel, Noémi.

The website noticed an interesting post on facebook.The special accredited ambassador of Hungary got into an uncomfortable situation. A Hungarian citizen wanted by the Hungarian police for several charges of fraud took part on an event of the Irish-Hungarian Business Association, presided by Mr. István Pálffy at the Embassy of Hungary in Dublin. Mr. Pálffy is a diplomat and a former news anchorman. A European Arrest Warrant has also been issued against the man whom Mr. Pálffy was posing with in 2015. The man was posing on a photograph of the Irish Hungarian Business Association with the ambassador. The photo was published on Facebook, however it became unavailable by Thursday.

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — The chief of staff for Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban posted a video on his Facebook page Tuesday showing him in a district of Austria's capital that he says is dirtier, poorer and increasingly crime-ridden since immigrants began living there.

Suppose you work for a very large company in a very good position as an executive manager. You are a respected member of the company. Good salary, everything for a successful, happy life.

In our days people are most of afraid of such terrorist organisations as Al Qaeda or its offshoot, the Islamic State. The terrorist attacks of these organisations requiring a lot of victims justify our fear. What is the reason for such hatred towards the Western world? How can terrorism be stopped? The book of Marc Sageman and my studies tried to find answers to these questions.

One of the daily papers conducted a survey that showed that over half of the votes were satisfied both with the new Taoiseach’s person and his work. Voters, though accepted the Taoiseach’s person, also pointed out that they would like to see better and more effective work from his party, Fine Gael.