Man wanted for fraud posing on photograph with ambassador of Hungary


The website noticed an interesting post on facebook.The special accredited ambassador of Hungary got into an uncomfortable situation. A Hungarian citizen wanted by the Hungarian police for several charges of fraud took part on an event of the Irish-Hungarian Business Association, presided by Mr. István Pálffy at the Embassy of Hungary in Dublin. Mr. Pálffy is a diplomat and a former news anchorman. A European Arrest Warrant has also been issued against the man whom Mr. Pálffy was posing with in 2015. The man was posing on a photograph of the Irish Hungarian Business Association with the ambassador. The photo was published on Facebook, however it became unavailable by Thursday.


The award ceremony of the Irish Hungarian Business Association (IHBA) was organised a few days ago in Ireland. This Association’s goal is to promote business relations between the Irish and the Hungarian. The president of the voluntary organisation is Mr. István Pálffy, the address of the association is the same as that of the Embassy of Hungary in Dublin.

Creative start-ups could compete for the award of the Irish Hungarian Business Association, which is called Bright Idea Awards 2018. One of the competitors, Mr. László Kutas announced in a post on the Facebook page created and managed by himself (Work in Ireland, including 6602 members) in 2016 that he created JOSH Consulting and Recruitment Agency, engaging in labour exchange and recruitment.

The company was competing for the award of the Irish Hungarian Business Association. Even though JOSH got into the best five start-ups, the 1000 € award was given to another company. JOSH however received a one-year membership.

Mr. Pálffy replaced Mr. Tamás Magyarics in 2015 on the lead of the Embassy in Dublin. He previously worked for the newsreel of the Hungarian TV channel, TV2 as a presenter for a long time, then became a parliamentary representative of the Hungarian Christian Democratic People’s Party and stayed in office from 2010 until 2014. He also worked as the vice president of the Parliament’s Cultural and Press Committee and was an advisor of MTVA responsible for the channel’s international relations until his appointment as an ambassador.

The presence of Mr. Kutas on the ceremony “in Hungarian territory” was surprising because people working at the Embassy are aware that the 38-year-old man is wanted. They could have him arrested.

We asked both the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Embassy, whether Mr. Pálffy knew about Mr. Kutas’ past - as according to news circulating around he should have known about it -, and what kind of an official relationship is there between the agency and the Embassy. We have not received any answers yet, but the incriminating picture has disappeared from the Irish Hungarian Business Association’s page within a few hours.

Kutas has been living in Ireland for several years. It is widespread news around his acquaintances that the police has been wanting him. The man has attached a police vetting certificate issued on September 27, 2016 to his announcement on the website, trying to prove his innocence and rejecting the accusation saying that the reason why he has been wanted is because he did not appear on a court trial.

EU Arrest Warrant

It might be true that subpoenaed witnesses will be wanted, however not only the police, but the Kecskemét Criminal Court also issued an arrest warrant against him. This is only possible after announcing the commission of crime once the accused has fled preliminary detention or imprisonment or in case he or she did not show up to spend the time of imprisonment determined by the court.